The Last Fairy

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Discover an ancient castle and become immersed in a tale about marauding giants, an evil witch, a protective wizard, and fairies of every type, talent, and description. 
Accompany a
brave prince who is led by fate and circumstance to a sanctuary for fairies where he wins the heart of their queen and discovers that she and all of her kind are threatened by a terrible curse.
His realm is also threatened by the envy of less fortunate lands.  A greedy conniver and his army are met in an epic battle that shatters years of tranquility and tests the mettle of a beloved monarch, his knights, and an unlikely militia. A lovely young princess stands alone as she struggles to defeat a vengeful witch’s deadly spell that has brought her mother and all of her fairies to the brink of extinction. Brimming with action, magic, and fantasy, The Last Fairy is a revealing and beautifully- written  tale of adventure, love, challenge, and triumph.   Learn more in Story Notes

Award-Winning Finalist  Children's fiction 
2009 National Best Books  Awards
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THE OTHER EISENHOWER, by Augustine Campana and Italian writer/director Marco Di Tillo, has been published by Webster House, LLC.
This tale of historical fiction chronicles ten days in the life of Paul Eisenhower, a peace- loving English postman, who unwittingly gets swept up in the intrigue and danger swirling around Operation Overlord -- the invasion to free Europe from Nazi tyranny.  General Dwight Eisenhower, responsible for the offensive and the final decision to launch it, must now also worry that his distant relative might cause the crucial enterprise to fail.

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