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National Best Books 2009 Awards,
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Augustine Campana was on Army Wife Talk Radio
September 14th (18 minutes)
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Augustine was also interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Barb Giamanco, CEO of Talent Builders, Inc.  Click here to play the 1/2 hour interview that deals with creativity and its role in The Last Fairy.

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REVIEWED BY: Stories for Children Magazine - Wayne S. Walker, reviewer

     Do you believe in fairies? Augustine Campana weaves an eminently readable and enjoyable tale which begins when he and his wife Jean set out to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria . However, a detour sign sends them along an uncharted course to Montefort Castle instead. There, they meet "Der Alte" ("The Old One"), who tells them the story behind Montefort Castle . Once the home of King Josef and Queen Maria, it was ravaged by a giant. Josef and Maria's son, Prince Ludin, escapes with his page Berlot and later returns to find the castle devastated and his parents missing. The prince spends years rebuilding the realm and searching for his parents.  He is eventually convinced by Berlot to accept the crown of king and find a queen with whom to share the throne.  A ball is held to find him a wife, but none of the maidens who attend strikes the prince’s fancy.

     Claiming she was unable to go to the ball, Malessa, Queen of Hadren, sends her servant, Wogan, to invite Ludin to visit her. On the way to Hadren, Ludin passes by the mysterious forest land of Valn and goes in to search for his parents. There, he meets Celeste, Fairy Queen of the weggs, elves, gnomes, pixies, and other enchanted beings who have taken refuge in Valn and are protected by the great wizard Zandelor.  The trip to Hadren is forgotten, and a rejected Malessa vows vengeance on Ludin.  She attacks him, but when she tries to harm Celeste, Zandelor removes her powers and sends her into exile.  Under a covenant that requires the love of humans for their protection, the enchanted ones move to Montefort and Ludin and Celeste marry and have a daughter named Arabella.  Meanwhile, Malessa serves out her exile and vows to destroy all of the fairies by turning the humans against them.

      In the end, an epic battle shatters many years of tranquility and tests the mettle of a beloved king, his knights, and their unlikely army. Yet the real key is held by Princess Arabella, because she is half-human and half-fairy. What will happen as the fairies are brought to the brink of destruction? And how does "Der Alte" know all this anyway? The Last Fairy will definitely appeal to those who like fantasy. It is written in a way that keeps the action moving and holds one's interest yet allows time for interesting description and good character development. I found it hard to put down and recommend it to all who want to know what happened to the fairies.